KURESSAARE COLLEGE of Tallinn University of Technology

Colleges, the local learning, research and development centers represent the regional identity of university’s outreach policy.
Geographically, Kuressaare College, founded on the island of Saaremaa in 1999, is the remotest and smallest of the three colleges of Tallinn University of Technology. The predecessor of the college was the Institute for Islands Development, founded in January 1991.

Nowadays, Kuressaare College is an integrated part of Tallinn University of Technology with its own board, curricula and students. College has about 160 undergraduate students and a staff of 15 people.

The mission of the College is to train specialists in the fields needed first of all on Estonian islands: small business management and especially tourism and restaurant management, also engineering including electronics and IT technology. After 3-4 years of studies the graduates get the diploma of Tallinn University of Technology. The modern learning environment and new opportunities have brought here young people from all over Estonia.

Strategic Plan of KC 2006-2010

Programmes on applied higher education level:

ERASMUS partners:

International Projects 2000-2009:

  • International Summer University in Sustainable Rural Tourism (2008-2009, LLP/Erasmus IP)

  • Lighthouse Tourism in the Archipelagos of South-West Finland and Estonia (2007, Interreg IIIA)

  • Management Training in Professional Education (MANTRIPE), (2007, Leonardo da Vinci)
    The aim of the project was to get a deeper understanding of the organisation and structure of studies in the field of catering management, further training and requalification offered for catering specialists, application of e-learning resources and distance learning as well as methods and possibilities for research in catering management issues. The expertise obtained is used in development of catering management-related curricula in Estonian educational institutions. In 2007 took place mobility visits of the Estonian partners (Kuressaare College, Kuressaare Vocational Training Centre, Ministry of Education and Research; Pädaste Manor) to University College Birmingham (UK) and Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences and South-Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

  • Modernisation of the Electronics Curriculum and Teaching Methods in Applied Higher Education in Cooperation with Industry, (2006-2007, Leonardo da Vinci)
    During this mobility project the academics, staff and specialists of Tallinn University of Technology, TUT Kuressaare College and Incap Electronics Estonia visited applied universities and their industrial partners in Oulu, Kemi and Imatra (Finland). The aim of the study visits was obtaining of expertise and experience in developing applied higher education programmes in Electronics, modernisation of teaching methods and combination of different study formats (e-learning, modular learning, project-based learning), as well as co-operation and networking with Finnish university colleges.

  • Network of Islands for Small Scale Organizational Success (NISSOS), (2003-2006, Leonardo da Vinci)

Kuressaare College of Tallinn University of Technology
Rootsi 7, 93819 Kuressaare
Saaremaa, ESTONIA
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E-mail sekr@si.edu.ee

Estonia, Saaremaa, Kuressaare, TUT
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